Valve released a new game play patch update 7.30c

Valve released a new game play patch update 7.30c last September 11. 7.30c includes rebalancing of certain heroes and items. A notable change on this update is the much needed nerf on “Zoo meta”. With Beastmaster and Lycan decimating almost every game. Another one would be, the way stacking neutral creeps work, Stacked neutral creeps now gives only 15% XP and gold. In addition to this, Dawnbreaker is now included in Captain’s Mode Hero pool.

7.30c will definitely set the meta on the upcoming The Internationals 10, starting on the 7th of October. And with the latest game play update, Teams also need to “update” their roster. On Southeast Asia, BOOM Esports announced on the 27th of august that they parted ways with their carry player, Randy “Dreamocel” Sapoetra and Position 4 support player Brizip “Hyde” Putra while Position 5 support Alfi “Khezcute” Nelphyana has retired from the competitive scene.

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