The International Main Event

The International Main Event kicks off at National Arena in Bucharest in less than twelve hours. Tune in from 10 am EEST via the DPC website, the Dota client, or over on Twitch to catch all of the main stage action as the final 16 teams face off for the Aegis.

Team Standings
After a hard-fought Group Stage, group leaders PSG.LGD and Invictus Gaming will be joined in the Upper Bracket by Virtus Pro, OG, T1, Team Secret, Vici Gaming, and Team Spirit. In the Lower Bracket, Team Undying, Evil Geniuses, Beastcoast, Quincy Crew, Fnatic, Elephant, Team Aster, and Alliance will all need to battle out of a best-of-one elimination match with their tournament hopes on the line. As those squads move to the main stage, SG esports and Thunder Predator exit the tournament as the first teams to fall. We salute their accomplishments in earning a place amongst the finest teams in the world and wish them luck in their efforts to return next year.

Crimson Witness Treasures
Watching matches live at National Arena isn't an option for fans this year, but that doesn't mean ticket-holders have to miss out on one of the traditional perks of attending the event. To help celebrate first blood in each match, fans who purchased tickets to attend The International still have a chance to snag this year's Crimson Witness treasures. You won't need to sign in or out for each game, just make sure to register your account once over on the Crimson Witness page to ensure your eligibility.

The Secret Shop
Fans looking to raid this year's Secret Shop can head over to The International's official online store, brought to you by our merchandise partners at We Are Nations. In addition to the tournament-themed items, they've worked together with members of the Dota Community to develop new offerings in a Fan Art Collection.

Official Tournament Chair
For those Dota diehards looking for one more piece of The International to add to their home collections, our partners at Secret Lab invite you to check out this year's official tournament chair. Designed for use in the player booths on the main stage and themed to match this year's event, it's the perfect peripheral to pair with your own Dota games.

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