Moonton Technology was selected as "Key Enterprise of National Cultural Export in 2021-2022"

Moonton Technology was selected as "Key Enterprise of National Cultural Export in 2021-2022"
Recently, Shanghai Moonton Technology was successfully selected as the "2021-2022 National Key Cultural Export Enterprise". This is after being selected as the "2019-2020 National Key Cultural Export Enterprise" last year, Moonton won this honor again. At the same time, its product "Mobile Legends: Bang Bang" won the "2021-2022 National Cultural Export Key Project". The honor was jointly selected and recognized by five ministries and commissions, namely, the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Propaganda, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, and the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television. Competitiveness, and promote the rapid development of cultural products and services exports.
Since its establishment in 2014, Moonton Technology has been based on the development of global games and has successfully launched a number of mobile game products with high reputation overseas. Among them, "Mobile Legends: Bang Bang", which was successfully selected as the "2021-2022 National Cultural Export Key Project", was launched overseas in 2016. It was released in 27 languages to 234 countries and regions around the world, and the cumulative global downloads exceeded 1 billion times. With over 100 million monthly active players, especially in Southeast Asia, it has become a veritable national game.
Many heroes and skins representing Chinese traditional cultural elements are designed in the game, and Chinese pandas, Monkey King, Zhao Yun, Chang'e and other heroes or mythological characters are put on the game stage, and overseas players’ perception of Chinese culture is enhanced by telling the background stories of heroes. Degree and interest. While the game has won praise from overseas players, it has also brought China's excellent traditional culture to all over the world. "Mobile Legends: Bang Bang" has become one of the most successful cases of Chinese games going overseas.
The success of Moonton Culture's journey to the sea also lies in fully understanding and respecting local culture, allowing users to feel that their culture is also recognized. By cooperating with Indonesian cartoonists who have drew King Kong long comics, a heroic character of King Kong God Gatotkaca was launched. This is a character similar to the Chinese Monkey King in Indonesia and is popular with local players. Later, Lapu Lapu, the national hero of the Philippines against foreign enemies, Padang, the legendary Malaysian warrior, Jiang Xituo of Myanmar, and the South Korean military commander Yi Sun-sin were successively launched.
Other self-developed products of Moonton also performed well in the global layout. "Mobile Legends: Adventure" was launched overseas in August 2019 and won the top download list of Google Store and Apple Store in Southeast Asia. Its IOS version entered the top ten best-selling lists in 11 countries and regions, and was ranked the best in Google Play 2019. Good casual games, after entering the Japanese market in June this year, once topped the Apple and Google free rankings. "Magic Rush: Heroes" was launched overseas in April 2015 and won the top ten best-selling Google Store rankings in more than 100 countries including the United States, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Australia, Russia, Canada, Spain, and Japan, and was awarded Google Play 2015 The best strategy game of the year.
In addition, Moonton is also actively committed to the global development layout of e-sports. Based on "Mobile Legends: Bang Bang", a professional, international, and ecologically rich e-sports event system will be created around the world, including the world-class e-sports event "MLBB Global Championship" (M tournament), and the regional international league "MLBB Southeast Asia Cup" "(MSC), MLBB Professional E-sports League (MPL), MLBB Development League (MDL) and third-party events such as city championships and campus games. Among them, MPL has been launched in six countries, including MPL Indonesia, MPL Philippines, MPL Malaysia, MPL Singapore, MPL Myanmar, MPL Brazil.
In March 2021, the second Mobile Legends: Bang Bang World Championship (Mobile Legends: Bang Bang World Championship, M2 for short) ended successfully in Singapore. The total watch time of the event reached 42 million hours and the highest number of simultaneous online viewers (PCU) More than 3 million people, an increase of 353% compared to M1. During the preparations for the competition, the Vice President of the International Olympic Committee, Mr. Huang Simian, the Minister of Communications and Information of Singapore, Mr. S Iswaran, the Minister of Culture, Community and Youth, Mr. Tang Zhenhui, the Minister of Government of the Ministry of Trade and Industry, Mr. Chen Shenghui, the Director of Tourism, Mr. Chen Jianlong, and many members of Parliament. Have visited the site to guide the work.
In 2019 and 2021, "Mobile Legends: Bang Bang" was twice selected as the official e-sports medal program of the Southeast Asian Games.
National, but also of the world. The broad and profound culture of the Chinese nation provides rich soil and nourishment for Moonton's global development. At the beginning of the business, Moonton firmly integrated Chinese traditional cultural elements into game works, and brought the joy of games to users all over the world with the help of the mature experience of China's game industry.
The honor of being selected as the "National Cultural Export Key Enterprise" twice in a row is not only an affirmation of cultural overseas work for Moonton, but also for the future. Moonton can deepen the encouragement and trust in promoting Chinese culture worldwide. Moonton will continue to be rooted in Shanghai, look at the world, continue to launch excellent works, implement the "Belt and Road" strategy, and assume the responsibility of promoting Chinese culture worldwide.