Experience Tech3 Forum virtually this year!

Experience Tech3 Forum virtually this year!

The Covid-19 crisis has presented massive disruptions and pushed governments and business leaders to innovate and adopt new business models to stay competitive for the post pandemic world. The growth of the advanced technologies is also changing the types of skills and capabilities required in the workplace, demanding a massive mindset shift for organisations and individuals. Are we just making incremental changes or are we ready to make a complete overhaul of the old ways of doing things? The race is on! Reset or Rebuild?

Celebrate the Singapore 100 Women in Tech (SG100WiT)!

Celebrating their stories of resolute dedication, compassion and substantial achievements to lead and influence countless others to carve their own unique paths through technology.

Mr Nicholas Khoo attending Singapore Computer Society Tech3 Forum this morning on “Thriving Responsibly in a Post Pandemic World” was a surreal experience! Humbled to be part of the team putting this together.. thank you Min Josephine Teo for gracing the occasion and congrats to all the honorees for SG 100 #womenintech ! You have to check out this amazing speech by Piyush Gupta .. he touched on many salient points including #edtech #esports #metaverse #nfts and even the #squidgames 🙂

SCS Tech3 Forum keynote by DBS CEO Piyush Gupta: