DOTA PLUS an Evolution Of The Majors Battle Pass

It’s that time of the year again where Valve gives us Content updates on our monthly subscription, Dota Plus. If you don’t know what Dota Plus is, basically it is a monthly subscription service designed to help you get the most out of every Dota2 match you play. A cool feature of Dota Plus is its Hero levelling which offers you a way to make progress every match while earning Shards; a new currency that can be used to unlock rewards.
Here’s a quick summary of the latest Dota Plus Update:

Nemestice Features

● Improved Dota Plus Item Assistant with Neutral Item Suggestions and enhanced Quick Buy Recommendations.

● Chat Wheel sound effects from the Nemestice Battle Pass are now available for purchase via shards in the Dota Plus Shard Store. (Exclusive to Dota Plus subscribers)

Dota Plus Seasonal Treasures
The Fall 2021 Seasonal Treasure is here, exclusive to Dota Plus Subscribers. The treasure features new sets for :

● Vengeful Spirit
● Abaddon
● Nature's Prophet
● Witch Doctor
● Disruptor
● Shadow Demon
● Tusk
● Legion Commander
● Dark Seer

And there’s also a chance to get a courier pre loaded with kinetic and prismatic gems.
Updated Seasonal Quests & Guild Rewards

● Updated quests — 115,200 shards up for grabs over the course of the season.
● Update Guild Rewards

○ Silver = Emoticons
○ Gold = Sprays
○ Platinum = Chat Wheel

As a mark of respect for the passing of a Filipino casting community icon, Aldrin Paulo "Dunoo" Pangan, the selected chat wheels feature some of his most iconic lines.
And as we all know, The Internationals is fast approaching but this Covid situation keeps preventing Dota Enthusiasts to gather around and watch Top teams compete for the Aegis Of Champions. As per Valve’s recent blog post

“We had hoped to release ticket information by now, but the Delta variant has been an added challenge as we work to navigate hosting a live event as safely as possible. With circumstances constantly changing, we want to be careful to make a well-informed and safe decision regarding ticket sales closer to the event.” “We understand this makes planning difficult for fans hoping to travel to Romania. We will continue to evaluate the situation and announce ticket information as soon as we are able.”

Stay tuned for more updates regarding the ticket sales on The International 2021.