Dota 2 7.30d Patch


With The International 10 less than two weeks away, Valve has published a new gameplay update that rescales a bunch of abilities today in some last-minute balancing before the year's largest Dota 2 tournament.

Most fans believe that the 7.30d patch changes include Clinkz becoming much better, Silencer receiving major nerfs, and some general misunderstanding over the phrasing of adjustments to Zeus's Static Field.

Thundergod's Wrath was upgraded to scale damage from 300/400/500 to 300/425/550 as part of the Zeus adjustments, however Static Field received the following changes:

Damage no longer counts as HP removal (Heavenly Jump can now put blink dagger on cooldown and affects effects that are canceled by damage like healing salve)..

This may have puzzled some players who were reading through the patch, but it essentially means that instead of only reducing HP from enemy heroes, the ability will now actively inflict damage to them.
As a result, it will be able to interact directly with additional abilities, effects, and items.

Clinkz is already a powerful hero in general, and now Burning Barrage will increase overall attack damage by 5%, bringing it to 65 percent from 60 percent.

Additionally, as a level 20 Talent, Burning Barrage Arrows has been raised by three.

Silencer's Arcane Curse Silence Penalty Multiplier has been decreased from 2x to 1.7x, and Last Word's Scepter Radius has been reduced from 650 to 500.

More Vengeful Spirit nerfs are still being requested, but this patch only touched her by lowering her Agility Gain from 3.4 to 3.2.

Other heroes, such as Tiny, Tinker, and Bane, had numerous abilities nerfed and rescaled to make them more balanced, while others, such as Broodmother, Timbersaw, and Wraith King, received boosts. A number of Neutral Items and Overwhelming Blink have also been reworked.

For more detailed information, you can read the official patch notes here: