DOTA 2 7.30 Patch

The most awaited and requested patch has already surfaced in the world of Dota. August 17, 2021 the patch went live and as we know, Valve avoids making any huge changes before The International. But due to the Corona Virus situation and after being rescheduled twice over the year, Valve tried to make a few exceptions so that the game can remain fresh for the remaining player base.
Over the past season, there had been talks within the Dota enthusiasts mostly about the meta and the irregularity of Neutral Items. With that being said, here’s an overview of what I think will impact the game with the recent changes.

Second Roshan no longer drops cheese.
As we all know, killing roshan is one of the game’s objectives. And with this, the leading team can either siege the high ground or even pressure all the lanes. But with the recent change, the defending team will now have more time on recovering and have a better chance at defending.
This also means that teams can now pick heroes that don't even scale on killing roshan unless needed at the late game or Late game centric heroes like Sven, Slark and Faceless Void.
Neutral Item Changes

While the majority of players might fall asleep while reading the patch notes, here’s the Neutral Items that were removed from the game.

● Faded Broach
● Ironwood Tree
● Imp Claw
● Illusionist’s Cape
● Minotaur Horn (F’s to those carry players who depend themselves on this item)
● Orb Of Destruction
● Ballista (No more Knockback Windranger or Sniper!)

And as we know Valve, if there’s something being removed, there’ll be something new added. Here’s the new Neutral Items added to the game.

● Pig Pole
● Tumbler’s Toy
● Brigand’s Blade
● Fae Grenade
● Blast Rig
● Ascetic’s Cap
● Witchbane
● Arcanist’s Armor

Aghanim’s Shard Changes
Up to this date, I still can’t grasp the importance of Aghanim’s Shard. It was a hit or miss update for me. Now Valve decided to make this Item a crucial pick to some Heroes, and with every new patch, there’s been Shard Changes.

● Anti-Mage
● Axe
● Chen
● Gyrocopter
● Meepo
● Naga Siren
● Shadow Fiend
● Spectre
● Tusk
● Windranger
● Undying

For more details about the latest patch, you can visit the official Dota2 Gameplay Update.